1. What is your operating hours?

MHCC operates Monday- Friday from 8.30am – 5.30pm. MHCC is closed on the weekends and public holidays.

2. What kind of services do you provide for the elderly?

MHCC provides community based healthcare, day care and rehabilitation programmes for our elderly based on their respective needs and requirements. All of our staff are trained and qualified.

3. How many elderly clients are you currently serving?

Currently we are serving 115 elderly clients of all races and religion of which majority of them aged 60 and above & comes from a lower income family.

4. How is MHCC funded?

MHCC received partial funding from Ministry of Health that is use on the betterment of our clients. MHCC is relying solely on the support and sponsorship from corporate companies and private donors to fund our operation costs and upgrading programme.

5. How much is your admission fees? Is there any subsidy provided?

Our admission fees are tagged by MOH and subsidies are provided based on case by case basis.

6. Is transportation provided?

Yes, our centre provides transportation services for clients staying around the vicinity ( eg. Bedok, Kembangan and Eunos).


1. How do I register an elderly for your rehabilitation programme?

MHCC admission process


1. Donations in-kind

MHCC welcomes donations be it one-time donation or on a regular basis. Donations in kind can be dropped off at our centre on Monday – Friday between 10am – 4pm. We strongly encourage for you to call our Corporate Communications department at 6744 9552 before making your way down.

1.       Non Perishable Food Items

In-house breakfast and tea breaks are provided for all clients daily. Biscuits, rice, sugar, oats, condensed milk, beverages (such as Milo & Ovaltine) and baked beans are always welcome. To make your donation process fuss free, do consider ordering online from supermarkets and have the items delivered directly to our centre.


2.       Toiletries

By distributing these bath amenities (shampoo, shower foam, toothpaste & toothbrush) to our elderly clients, we help to reduce their cost of living.


3.       Wheelchairs

Light-weight wheelchairs are used in the centre to move our immobile patients around.

2. Cash / Cheque Donations

Cash – Walk-in for cash donations from Monday – Friday 10am-4pm. Kindly contact our corporate communications department at 6744 9552 before making your way down.

Cheques – Cheque donations can be made payable to Muhammadiyah Health & Day Care Centre and mailed directly to our office at 10 Eunos Crescent #01-2711 S400010. Kindly attention the cheque to CCRU Department.

Credit / Debit Card – Credit / Debit card donation can be made online via giving.sg or give.asia.

3. Can I get tax deduction for my donation?

Yes, MHCC has IPC status and is able to issue tax deduction relief. All donations above SGD50 are eligible for tax deduction. Tax deduction rate is 2.5 times of the amount donated.

Example: If the donation is $100, the donor will be eligible for $250 (2.5 times). The 2.5 times tax deduction is deducted against statutory income (which includes employment, trade income, etc) before arriving at assessable income.

Tax deductions for the donations will be automatically reflected in your tax assessments.

Donors who do not provide the necessary details even after attempts for clarification will be treated as anonymous.

Have more questions? We’re happy to help.

Call us at 6741 4779 or email [email protected]

Muhammadiyah Health & Day Care Centre

Blk 10 Eunos Crescent
#01-2711 S(400010)
T: 6741 4779 (General)
6744 9552 (Donations)
F: 6741 1680
E: [email protected]

Registered under Societies Act No. 2273
Charities Act UEN: T13CC0002A & IPC 000786

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